Different businesses require different cleaning services. If you operate a hotel, your business is going to have vastly different cleaning needs than an office building does. If you run a restaurant, your front end has to sparkle as much as the kitchen.

Commercial Specialty Cleaning ServicesEarthcareCLEAN has been in the cleaning business for over 25 years, so not only do we offer a wide variety of specialty cleaning services but we're also experts at the details.

We bring in our professional team and leave nothing behind but pure clean and smiling customers. Our safe and effective non-toxic cleaners—with no perfumes, dyes or soaps—create a spotless, safe and healthy environment for all of your employees, clients and guests. And for any inspectors!

You have a business to run. Let the professionals at EarthcareCLEAN take care of your business's cleaning needs. For more information, contact us today at 843-556-5100.

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  • Uses a natural, plant-based cleaning agent.
  • Is safe for use on any materials.
  • Is natural and safe for any environment.
  • Leaves your business cleaner and healthier.