Did You Know We Provide Flooring and Installation

Is it time to replace your carpet, tile or other flooring type? Are you considering your many options? Perhaps you are wondering which flooring is best for longevity and cleaning.

The decision phase of flooring replacement can be the longest phase in the entire process. And it requires a hefty amount of research.

EarthcareClean has done that research for you to help you get from inquiry to installation faster and with less stress. We have been in the floor cleaning business long enough to know all of the many options—and then some!

First, we can visit you at either your home or business and discuss your needs—or you can visit us. You may have questions about various materials and required maintenance. We know the answers!

Second, we will return with large samples selected by our team for your review. Our hope is to dissolve any of your overwhelm by only bringing the best selection according to your requirements and expectations.

Next, we will install it in a way to maximize its life and minimize its maintenance needs. Just remember to call us when you do need it cleaned!

Our goal is to reduce your stress and to install the best for your home or business. Our pricing is competitive, and our service floors the competition!

When we created our company, we had you in mind. Call us today and experience the EarthcareCLEAN difference. Our attention to the smallest detail sets us a world apart.

Call 843-556-5100 to get started—flooring sales and installation at affordable prices and with the highest quality service!

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