Does Your Tile Lack the Sparkle and Shine It Used to Have?

The porous nature of tile and grout means that oils and greases—as well as soils and other fine particulate matter—settle into its many small holes.

How can you tell if your tile and grout needs to be cleaned? The easiest way is to take a look at the grout in a low traffic area. Then look at the grout in a high traffic area. Most likely you'll see a tremendous difference.

Heavily soiled tile is not only disheartening to look at, but it can be unsafe. It tends to become slippery when wet.

How can EarthcareCLEAN get your tile and grout looking like new again?

Our cleaning process flushes out more soils and dirt than any other technique. We apply a special green cleaning agent to soften the soils and oils and hold them in suspension.

We agitate the grout lines and tiles with specially designed brushes and machines, then we blast away the soil by using a "power washer in a box" connected to our 1000 psi truck-mounted unit. The vacuum ports in the box transport the cleaning solution and the dirt to the truck. Your floors will be dry virtually immediately!!

After that, we can also apply a sealer. A sealer decreases the chance for soil, grease and other matter to penetrate your tile and grout again. For safer, cleaner and beautiful floors, we recommend an annual cleaning by our professionals.

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