The Psychology of Clean

For nearly 30 years, we've been on a mission. A cleaning mission. And before you make any assumptions or judgments about the importance of "clean," consider this. Clean has a psychology. What we mean is that just like there is a psychology to passing a test, finding the right life partner, or to succeeding in your business, clean has a psychology, too!

For example, some people can't start preparing a meal until the dishes are done and the counters are cleared and wiped. Some people simply can't focus on their work until the desk is clean. Some people don't realize it but, when they go to work on Monday after the deep cleaners have come through the office, they feel more clear-headed and are more productive. And the act of cleaning itself can be hugely effective in clearing the mind and diffusing emotions. We have an extremely healthy crew of cleaners here at EarthcareCLEAN!

Breathing easily can attribute to an overall state of calm and relaxation. Allergies or allergic-like symptoms raise stress levels and increase irritability. They also distract people from the task at hand. Business owners who realize this have a more productive and happier team of employees.

bubblesThat means that a "good enough" clean in the workplace might not be good enough. Or it could mean you haven't found the best cleaners for the job. It's something that we can't state enough in our world: we offer the cleanest clean!

We don't consider chemical residue as clean. That means any type of cleaning process or household cleaners that require harsh chemicals—and, therefore, leaves a chemical residue—isn't truly clean. And it's certainly not the cleanest clean. Chemical residue = toxins. These toxins infiltrate your air. Then can also be absorbed by your skin, such as on toilet seats or things you touch like faucets or table tops.

The days of thinking that chemicals and chemical residues are safe and nontoxic are done. Time and time again, research indicates otherwise. From the pesticides on our food and chemical sprays on flowers and crops to chemicals in gas fumes and mine tailings that leak into waterways. Yet, for the most part, the world is still operating in this paradigm.

When we got into business almost 30 years, we made a conscious decision to not operate in that paradigm and to start our own paradigm. As a home owner or a business owner, you can also choose a different way if you haven't already—which we're pretty sure you have, or you wouldn't be here reading this.

For daily household cleaning, consider baking soda, vinegar, borax, essentials oils, hydrogen peroxide and hot water!

Our commitment to support the environment and to support our clients in their choices to "go green" and create sustainable homes and work places is as strong today as it was in 1987, if not stronger.

EarthcareCLEAN has built its reputation on dependable customer service and on tackling jobs that other companies won't—or can't—touch. We welcome the opportunity to serve you, earn your trust and to deliver the best service in the industry.

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