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Every day thousands and thousands of people across the United States purchase, use or tell someone about a green cleaning product or service. Many of those people are our clientele. Some of these clientele have been with us for years and have referred others onto us, who became our steadfast customers after experiencing what we can do to their home and/or business.

embracesky smReally, this blog is our celebration. It's a way to celebrate all the choices that so many are making to "clean up their act" (please hear our tongue-in-cheek pun tone). This blog is a way to celebrate the activists, the housecleaners, the homemakers, the businesses big and small, all those who are saying "no" to wiping their counters and flushing their toilets with harsh chemicals, to hiring professionals who can do the job with little to no eco-impact, and to reducing, if not completely avoiding, the amount of toxins that go into the environment.

This blog is to celebrate you! Because if you weren't already on the same wavelength as we are, you wouldn't be reading this. Thank you for taking the first steps—if not your hundredth. Healthy purchases mean healthy families, healthy pets, and a healthier environment. You know that and you also know that green living is about more than recycling or riding your bicycle to work—not that we're downplaying those things. They're great! And—

Many other things can be done that take no extra time out of your day. The only time involved is the initial time investment required to learn what not to buy and then what to buy for your cleaning needs, and who not to hire and then who to hire for your cleaning needs. Most of your answers, you'll find, come from common sense. Sometimes it can be as simple as understanding a label, asking the right questions, or receiving honest and trustworthy customer service.

Let's assume you already have the basic foundation for green living and green business. This blog will be for peeps who have already begun moving in that brilliant direction. You are progressive, you are tuned in to what is truly clean versus what is smothered or chemicalized. You have discerning tastes and you expect top quality. This blog is celebrating you!

Welcome to the world of EarthcareCLEAN: green is our passion, clean is our expertise, and earth-care and client-care are our top priorities. When we created our company, we had you in mind!

We'll see you in future blog posts!

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